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ME GESHIA Italian Style Sushi

Italian food, we know is amazing in Rome, but Italian style sushi Hello!!!! Welcome to Me Geisha and get ready to fall in love…..Giuseppe Tuosto is no new comer to creating great restaurants. He opened a hot spot in New York called Via Dei Mille in Soho and created a sexy scene which had socialites, models and trendy New Yorkers flocking to dine and dance on tables to a funky DJ beat.Clearly home is where the heart is, so he returned to Italy. But, Giuseppe did not want to open another great Italian restaurant. He clearly likes to shake it up and Me Geisha was born. An Italian Japanese fusion restaurant like no other.

Teaming up with a master staff, which he partly imported from New York and Chicago, (because hey who wouldn’t want to quit their job and move to Italy) and chef Rodelio Aglibot Aka THE FOOD BUDDHA (Koi-LA, Sunda-Chicago, BLT group restaurants). They are defiantly taking sushi by storm with creatively inspired, unique, flavourful dishes which make you find room somehow in your stomach for more. Because you just won’t be able to stop.

From the welcome starter of vegetables in rice vinegar, you will know what you’re in for . I recommend you try their crispy rice sake, raw salmon over crispy rice perfection garnished with spice, so full of texture and layers when it hits your mouth. Salmon so fresh and soft it’s like a pillow of yummy and then wait for it …Tuna Lardo of Coronado bacon with Toro on THE FOOD BUDDHA’s signature crispy rice. Yeah I said it, it just makes you say OMG and want to take your clothes off. It’s is a very sexy dish. Moving into the Flaming - Gunkun another signature dish: three types of raw salmon prepared three different ways then wrapped in more raw salmon and set on fire. "It’s so beautiful you don’t want to eat it, but, are so glad you did. Anyone for sashimi drizzled in pesto?

I sat there in the afterglow of their signature sushi and then moved into the Roasted Teriyaki Chicken like no other. Its so soft you can cut it with a fork. Only the best quality ingredients for his guests. Then, the culinary carnival began: Seared Flank Steak, Roasted Scottish Salmon, Rock Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Yakatori skewers (zoom roma pollo yakitori), Asian Rice, Noodles, Ramen and it just went on and on. Names you might of heard but the flavour combinations you never imagined. Please don’t wake from this dream. For the record, I tried everything twice.

I had to wash it down with something, so as I salivated waiting for the next dish, I sipped on signature Sake Cocktails, old favourites with a new twist called Capisake. We have all had Mojito's, but, Sake Passionfruit Mojitos. I don’t think so. It just brings you to life with their extensive Sake selection, couture wines and cocktails at Me Geisha. You can’t get enough.

As I wiped the tears from my eyes, as if I had just seen the best Oscar winner, I relished in all the superb flavors. I sadly realized my meal had come to an end. But, then perked up, because I totally forgot all about desert...duh. Ginger Rice Pudding (Budinodi Riso Zener), Rice Balls with chocolate. Mmmm, I was one happy girl.

Me Geisha gets ten thumbs up! It`s absolutely delicious and creatively inciting. From the moment you, enter you are transformed by the design from Mark Dizon (Hakkasan, Las Vegas, Butter-NYC, Dream hotels) and the decor makes you feel like you`re in a trendy New York hot spot and I was feeling it. Of course being a party boy, New York style, Guiseppe takes care of the late night crowd. Head downstairs to the Speakeasy which serves a variety of dishes way past 2am. You just might see a piece of history which was discovered (from 2000 BC) while designing the restaurant. So now you`re eating in a museum. I truly insist you try it and the momma restaurant Me Geisha in Salerno, which I also got the pleasure to experience but hey that`s a whole other story...

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