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Cody Dickinson Blood Sweat and Blues

Don't you wish you had one musical talent? Well Cody Dickinson has them all. I sat down with my longtime friend to have a chat Memphis style.

First thing you notice about this 3 time Grammy nominated artist is he is a jeans and t-shirt guy - well mannered, humble and so damn cool. With father, the legendary Jim Dickinson, and brother, Luther Dickinson, it certainly seems like music was his destiny - which is so lucky for us.

This virtuoso sings, plays the drums as well as the guitar. Cody connects with his audience on stage. Every time I see my boy play, he brings his fans to their feet and I just can't stop dancing. He is like an orchestra when he plays the drums. Each part of his body moving in sync as he give those drums a beating. But my favourite thing is watching him play the washboard. Who would think a little base could make something so ordinary extraordinary. The fans go nuts screaming for more as he makes sweet music to them.

With his bands, The North Mississippi Allstars and Hill Country Review, Cody has lots to keep him busy, but this prodigy does not stop there he recently released a solo album “Leeway for The Freeway” produced by his mom Mary Dickinson. He pulled out the all the stops collaborating with Robert Randolph, Sharisse Norman, John Medeski and, of course, big brother Luther.

Cody is a composer who likes to sit down at the piano to write. He has worked on the award winning documentary “Take Me to the River” about the soul of American music with director Martin Shore and contributed on several major motion picture soundtracks like Black Snake Moan with Justin Timberlake, Barnyard, The Mechanic and Snoop’s House of Horror. He directs and produces in Rattle the Hocks and is gives us chills as his character is feeling the spirit on American Horror story. If there is something he can't do it's simply because he has not tried it yet.

Cody will be bringing his drum genius to Fergie’s new album - jammed with legends like Robert Platt and the Allman Brothers on stage among others. Whether he is playing the grand old Opry or on a world tour with

Mr. Dickinson the best is yet to come.

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