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LE MIEUX The New Science of Beautiful Skin

The New Science of Beautiful Skin

Le Mieux skincare is all about creating beauty. Founder Janel Luu, is an innovator and has dedicated her life to in-depth research and finding new ways to take care of your face. Since 2004, Le Mieux has been working with a prime team of scientist, physicians, biologist and chemists. Using preservatives like vitamin E so you look more radiant. This is definitely not your mom’s old skin care.

Janel travels the world collecting the top ingredients which go into the Le Mieux products and when you use them, it is easy to see the difference. Most skincare products contain water as the base ingredient, even though studies have shown that water actually dries out the skin. However, the base of Le Mieux formulations features the Master Molecule--hyaluronic acid--which pulls in moisture, expands it 1,000 times, and retains it.

Hyaluronic Acid is the primary ingredient in the skincare injectible market and is used is in Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra and Macrolane. Moreover, Le Mieux is the first company with a unique technology that uses hyaluronic acid at not just a high molecular weight, but also at a low molecular weight, so its intensive moisturizing properties benefit the skin surface as well as the extracellular matrix for immediate AND long-lasting results.

Le Mieux means "The Best' and that is exactly what you will find. Le Mieux utilizes cutting edge technology to fight anti-aging, pigmentation and anti-inflammatory skin issues which so many of us have. It makes you more alluring and internally strong so you walk out with confidence and pride. Everyone wants to be told they have killer skin. It is something the world sees and you should flaunt it.

Le Mieux formulations employ encapsulated liposomes that transport hyaluronic acid and multiple active ingredients into targeted sites. Le Mieux Hydra Bio Technology™ is a patented complex of ingredients that are double-encapsulated and micro-sized in a liposomal hydrophilic and lipophilic carriers, ensuring timely release and optimum delivery for phenomenal anti-aging solutions.

So what are the essentials every woman should have to get their skin on the right track? Janel recommends

1. The moisture infusion mask

2. Bio cell rejuvenating cream

3. Eye wrinkle corrector

4. Peptide foam cleanser

5. Essence toner

6. 7-skin perfector

With so many choices for every skin type Le Mieux has you protected. Check out their new line PurErb, herbology-based skin care and aromatherapy which improves your look and makes you feel even better.

Luu's innate love for formulating, as well as her expertise in anti-aging cellular technology, has also inspired her to teach more than 30,000 skincare professionals and physicians in the skincare industry. Janel Luu is passionate about sharing scientific facts and building strong partnerships in product development. Her mission is to develop the purest, most potent, and most powerful skincare treatments that exceed every individual's hopes for the best in anti-aging skincare. So go out and get that royal face and give yourself the love you deserve. Be kind to your reflection with Le Mieux, changing the way you take care of your skin one face at a time...

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