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Whoopi's New Series Strut

Whoopi Goldberg has won a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy! Damn girl, you are FIRECE! She recently put on a new hat executive producing Oxygen’s new TV show STRUT, which is a hit in waiting.

Strut follows the model agency Slay, which is the first transgender modelling agency and please don't be fooled and put away your stereotypes. Believe me when I say the cast on the show is fine as hell and all diva. I hung out with Whoopi (thanks to Gary Wassner her close friend) as well as the cast of Strut, Laith De La Cruz, Dominique Jackson, Isis King, Ren Spriggs, and Arisce Wanzer in NYC last week at the premiere party. I have to tell you I would trade my body for any of theirs, any day. If I could put one of them in my hand bag it would be over. Not only are they sexy, intelligent, mind blowing human beings, they are H.O.T! Lord have mercy!!!

So look out for the Strut premiere on Tuesday Sept 20th at 9:00pm on Oxygen. Another masterpiece by the epic Whoopi Goldberg and maybe, just maybe, we can learn how to get a body like this so we too can “Werk it” down the runway.

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