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Bao Tranchi: Fiercely, Feminine, Fashion

Vietnam is one of my favourite places in Asia. I am nuts for the food and the fact I can buy anything I can think of and now, because of Bao Tranchi. Fresh out of college (Otis College of Art and Design), Bao was immediately offered a job designing for Anne Klein as well as an opportunity to work on the motion picture, Queen of the Damned, as the illustrator and assistant to Academy Award nominated costume designer Arianne Philips. Our girl took the costume job and was entered into the Costume Guild as the youngest designer ever. Clearly a diva in the making, she went on to work on several films like Charlie's Angels and one of my favorites, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Bao also worked on tour with Madonna, the Queen herself, and did styling on Destiny’s Child and Janet Jackson music videos. After her debut show in 2004 she was one of 13 chosen to be a life size cut out at the first Vietnamese American historical exhibition for her gifted work in fashion and costume design at the Smithsonian in Washington DC

This LA based designer, came in hot with her sexy body conscious dresses, gowns and body suits . Her motto is "if you got it flaunt it". She has dressed every celebrity from Gigi Hadid to Taylor Swift (Bad Blood video ) and every body type from Ashley Graham to J Lo. She has even dressed the infamous Steven Tyler of Aerosmith . From my own personal experience with her collection, when your rocking Bao Tranchi you, "Slay, Slay, Slay". Her clothes are bold, confident and super sexy.

"I am an absolute worshipper of women and the female form. Through my designs I want to empower women by showcasing them in new and unexpected ways of being sexy and owning that sexy. This is a deeper sexy that only a woman would know. I approach my design from the viewpoint of seeing the female form as a blank art canvas. It's not just about being sexy and blatant or having the most cutouts. There has to be a melody and intelligence to how the shapes, lines and negative space work together and elevate a woman to the status of living art"

When asked where she draws her inspiration for her collections she said, "My inspirations for my collections come from everywhere. Anything at any moment can reveal a design within it. Shadows against walls, rust on a fence, water on a sidewalk, and even the sun glaring off of a skyscraper are all elements that inspire me to see designs in new ways. I also am inspired to create new erogenous zones on the female form by creating new unexpected lines and cutouts" Well I will never look at a shadow the same again. Its inspiring how you can see an idea in a flicker of an image. Moonbeams and sun beams on the ocean always does it for me.

Of course all she has to do is design for us, as if designing for herself. Bao Tranchi is flawless, with a body that won't quit. With her blonde bombshell locks and signature head swing, she describes herself "as a fiercely driven artist who lives for passion and inspiration". She is who she is and wants you to love life because it's such a special gift. There is a truth in owning who you are and embracing it. Wear what you want and enjoy it! Own what you’re wearing don't let it own you.

Not following this advice is the only fashion faux pas, as far as Bao is concerned. Come on, there is nothing worse than when it looks like you have been put together. What's next for Bao? A bridge line affordable to the global market. I for one plan to be sitting front row of that show. Clothing is supposed to be an artistic expression of yourself and should empower you. I love the fact I can dress according to my soul and I love Bao Tranchi. Find your inner duchess at baotranchi.com

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