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The Food Buddha (Rodelio Aglibot) opened me up to so many new experiences while in Chicago that are forever imprinted in my mind. I certainly don't need another reason to love Chicago, but I love me some Ramen and on my extensive food search, I met up with Anshul Managal (Rodelio Aglibot's business partner) and learned about his amazing Ramen restaurant Furious Spoon. But, this is no regular Ramen. Anshul and his partner Shin Thompson (who is also the executive chef) are total home boys and lovers of old school rap. NWA anyone? Together they have created the first Hip Hop and Rap Ramen restaurant and it's dope. Word to the mutha!!!

The first thing I notice when I walk in is the banging beats.Your head starts bobbing and your hands are in the air. We sit down at the bar to dine and I am already feeling it.

The cocktails! I started with a Furious Margarita, and thank god, because it was kickin. Lanza Azul Tequila, nori habanero syrup, togarashi and citrus. Bet you can't have just one. Then on to an Ol 'Dirty Fashioned ( just the way I like it ) Evan Williams 100 proof bourbon , toasted sesame and bitters killa. I love the way everything had an Asian twist. They have great beers either canned or drafted and even draft cocktails like Yasutira Punch (Xicaru Mescal, fuji apple, cucumber and citrus), fantastic wine, and of course Sake. Even their coca-cola is banging, regular or Mexican anyone? There actually is a difference you can taste.

It was now time to chow down and I went for the signature Furious Ramen (tonkotsi Broth, spicy miso, chashu pork belly, white Pepper chicken, poached egg, marinated mushrooms, garlic relish and fury sauce). All I can say is "fo shizzle my nizzle !!!!" It was off the hook. The Miso is so thick and creamy. The meat quality is so high and expertly flavoured, it is definitely the best bowl of Ramen.

I also tried the Furious Beef Bowl with spicy brisket, snow peas and eggplant. Damn playa, all kinds of delish. There are so many choices with the sides and toppings, you could eat there every day. I already knew I was going back the next day. I just wanted to bring my mates and devirginize them with great Ramen. Oh, and don't forget the home made hot sauce. Anshul said the most important thing to a girl like me, he likes it hot, super hot and being a hot sauce junkie I could not resist. So if your into it, try it on for size. Just use a little if you're not brave. It has a lot going on. It's mouthwatering and puts a fire in your belly.

Anshul and Shin are my new Indian and Japanese brothers. All Ramen is made in house on a 20k machine brought over from Japan. They only use alkaline water while making it, and boy, is it cool to watch and be sure to try the new chilli ramen, jigga what? Their love of rap, Tesla obsession and food passion really puts the Flavia into Furious and with 3 locations around the city of Chicago to serve you (Wicker Park, Logan Square and Revival Food Hall), life is buck.

The only unhappy thought I had was " there is not one in LA" , Toronto or New York, but the boys are expanding so you never know, you may be krumpin in one of their new locations in no time. So go get your ramen on . Find out more at furiousramen.com

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