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Who doesn't love candles, make up and feeling great. It's even better when talking about dreamily scented candles and other creative gifts. But then, what if your gift gave you more? What if inside every product was an extra special gift for you? Perhaps a beautiful charm bracelet or maybe a $10,000 diamond!

Welcome to Bella J, the couture gift company. Jennifer de Klaver and Jennifer Worthington are BFF's, even though their bond formed after leaving the Emerald City, their collaboration has created candle royalty.

Jennifer de Klaver is a ball of energy with an infectious smile. It's no wonder she is such a sought after creative director. She has worked as a VP at West Elm and has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show. She then started her own design company, which quickly drew some high profile clients including Indigo Bookstores, Target and Joe Fresh.

Jennifer Worthington is clearly a born leader who's at the top of her field. She is a former Vice President at Jerry Bruckheimer Films and CEO of Little Angels, a division of Hearst entertainment. She is currently a managing partner at Immersive Productions.

Over a bottle of wine at a party these girly girls came up with the idea to offer a product people loved with an extra chic bonus.

A chic bonus is a guarantee inside of every candle. In each treasure you receive a beautiful charm bracelet. Every one is unique and has a special meaning. Some customers even get a diamond! Yes that's right. You may be burning the best candle you've ever smelled, and as it melts away you may find a 10k diamond inside. What a breathtaking gift, fit for the Beyonce in you.

Bella J is not only about their stunning candles. They also have a “must have” beauty line with lip gloss, lip balm, nail polish and art, along with one of the cutest manicure sets you have ever seen. Relax with an eye mask or make a sexy messy bun with their hair ties. For that fresh girl on the go, they make it easy to keep it together. I love the “One Night Unplanned" gift set which comes with everything you need so you never do the walk of shame again.It includes Ice drop mints, lip gloss, hair ties, lace panties, ballet flats and a surprise charm. Jennifer and Jen have thought of everything ladies and gents, and believe me, your girl will be impressed if you have a Bella J gift set waiting. This is the easy upscale way to shop and it's all wrapped up in a pretty package. Birthdays, holidays or just to say "Hey, you’re a great friend” Bella J has got it all. Explore Bella J.com and find your inner sparkle .

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