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n'eat restaurant- Michelin Star Style Without Michelin Prices

When I think of Nordic cuisine, I think of tasting menus with high prices. Well Michelin starred chef Gabriel Hedlund (Kokkeriet and Noma restaurants) has brought his genius to NYC, in his new east village hot spot called” n’eat", which takes a more laid back approach with prices that we can all afford, but still upholding the superb quality he is known for. In this, his first US venture, he sources only the freshest seasonal food

His Scandinavian delights are presented as simple plates but served on unique dishes both rustic and chic . Hedlund gets creative with local ingredients and unique cooking techniques like curing fermenting and rehydrating. Sixteen different dishes are offered, each one a masterpiece.

I started with the 'Buckwheat toast with Cremini mushroom and Cabot clothbound cheddar”. The cheddar is like cream and the mushroom is ambrosial when you bite into it. You can truly taste the high quality of the ingredients and it certainly makes you crave more. The Potato pancake with salted pork and house cultured cream fraiche is a dream. The salty bacon compliments the fresh apple and chives with perfection. I dared to try the “spicy duck heart tartar with huckleberry served on grilled sourdough toast” .

Trust me you have to try it. This dish says it all, and clearly explains why he is a two star Michelin chef. There are Swedish meatballs and then there are “n’eat” Swedish meatballs with preserved blueberries and curry,which elicits a happy taste explosion in your mouth. The meat is so soft and tender it is like bitting into a truffle. The acid from the blueberries blended with the curry really makes it pop. The great thing about “n’eat is the fact you can really try everything with perfectly sized plates that are neither too big or too small. Pork confit, Yakitori Squab and even roasted Monkfish all blew me away. You will definitely sweeten your night with the Douglas fir pine parfait with Sorrel granita or rye french toast .

n'eat restaurant is the perfect addition to NYC's hip east village. It is high end dining without high end prices. Dine here for the ultimate date night. If your solo no problem ,sit at the bar with a perfect glass of champagne or try some exceptional wine from the wine list, while you chill with your iphone. Find your inner food junkie at neat.com

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